How do I use my card safely online?

Keep your card details safe – don’t share them with anybody else.

Use our website ( or SMS services to check your card balance.
Only shop on websites that you are familiar with, or websites associated with high street outlets on the One4all retailer list.
Always check the URL is secure and make sure it starts with https:// - if it doesn’t, then do not continue.
Do not use public Wi-Fi to make a payment with your card, switch to 3G/4G on your phone if necessary.
If someone calls or texts you claiming to be from One4all, 1) determine the legitimacy of the message. If the message is a scam, block the number and delete the message from your phone and 2) if you are asked to provide personal and sensitive information or are asked to click on a link in a text, hang up the phone and block the message.
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