Why is information about my keystroke patterns collected?

A new requirement of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) for electronic payments, like those you make online using One4all, has come into effect called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).  

Under this new legislation, you may be required to complete two-factor authentication when shopping with One4all online. This provides an extra layer of account protection and is a way to reduce the risk of fraud.  

One4all, under the entity of GVS Prepaid Limited, will be collecting and using keystroke pattern information as part of your account two-factor authentication. This information will be used only by GVS Prepaid Limited and will not be shared with any third-party companies, other than those we specifically instruct to help us comply with the Strong Customer Authentication requirement.  

In the event your keystroke pattern is unsuccessful in helping authenticate you as the transaction maker when using One4all online – the transaction might be declined. If this event, you will be shown a phone number which you can call to review or challenge this decision with our Customer Service team.  

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