Why can’t I get past the Identity Document or Liveness Test (Selfie)?

While we have over 99.9% device stability sometimes individual devices may have difficulties, which include:
  • Capturing may be difficult with lower-end devices due to camera resolution
  • Dirty or oily camera lenses may make blur/glare hard to avoid.
  • Device damage such as normal ageing, wear and tear, and faulty parts.

Following these steps, in order, will ensure you can resolve your difficulties in the shortest time possible:

  1. Clean your camera lenses on the front and back of your device.
  2. When capturing your Identity Document/Liveness Test:
  • Avoid overhead lights to reduce glare.
  • Place your ID on a high contrast background (a different, solid colour).
  • If the auto-capture isn’t capturing your document, wait a few seconds and you will be offered a manual capture option.
  • If capturing manually as above, fill as much of the screen with the ID card as possible without cutting it off as this will help with lower resolution cameras.
  1. If the above doesn’t work, please try again on a different device, as your problems may be related to device damage.
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