How do I add a card to my Apple Wallet?

This can be done through our One4all app or by manually adding the gift card through your iPhone settings.

Adding through the app:

  1. Log into the One4all digital wallet app.
  2. You will then be able to see the ‘My Cards’ section of the app. In the top left corner of the page there is a button with the image of a card, click on this to open the ‘Add a gift card’ section.
  3. In the ‘Add a gift card’ section there is an area to add the full 16-digit gift card number, the CVV code and the Valid Thru expiry date. Once those are entered click the ‘Next’ button to add the card.
  4. Use the Add to Apple Wallet button beneath each card within the One4all app, then follow the flow within Apple Wallet to accept card terms and complete the process.
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